You Are What You Eat

If the way a culture eats mirrors that culture itself, then what does the way we eat say about us?

Hibiscus Popsicles

In Senegal, popsicles are quite popular as they are made with extremely common ingredients and enjoyed in the hot and sunny weather (Thiam). I made hibiscus popsicles, which are usually made in a plastic bags. Just rip a hole in the bag with your teeth and enjoy this sweet treat. Unfortunately, the plastic bag route…


How do these Senegalese recipes mirror the culture?

Translated directly, ‘teranga’ means ‘hospitality,’ but it is so much more than that…

Why am I doing this?

“Tell me what kind of food you eat, and I will tell you what kind of person you are.”

Through social media, the promotion of different cuisines has influenced many people to consume food and drinks in a variety of ways than they may not have otherwise (think ‘Tasty’ videos, instafood, SpoonU)…